Theme: New Insights into therapy of Genetic disorders
                 11- 13 December 2015
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 Guidelines For Oral Paper Presentation
1.      Presenting author to please note that they must register for the IAMGCON 2015, as per the prevailing fees at the time of registration.
2.      Oral Paper presentation will start at 8 AM sharp on 12th December, 2015
3.      Presentation will be in form of PowerPoint Slides
Presentation should be uploaded in the preview room by sharp 7:30 AM on 12-12-2015.
Format for Presentation using PowerPoint Slides
Time allotted for presentation is 8 minutes.
Please be specific.
Please don’t use more than 8 lines in a slide.
Slide 1:           The title of the research project, with name of author &   co-authors
Slide 2:           Review of Literature (Write specifically, what is known about the topic/ what your research will add)
Slide 3-4:        Statement of the problem/ hypothesis/ Research Question
Slide 5:           Aim & Objectives
Slide 6-9:        Research Methodology (Whichever is applicable: a-i)
a.     Study design
b.     Study settings
c.     Sampling
d.     Subjects including Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
e.     Controls
f.      Study methods - examinations or investigations
g.     Data collection
h.     Data analysis
i.      Ethical clearance
Slide 10-12:         Result
Slide 13:              Conclusion- strictly based on study result
Slide 14:              Strength and limitations of the study
Slide 15:              Implication of the study