Theme: New Insights into therapy of Genetic disorders
                 11- 13 December 2015
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 Guidelines for Poster Presentation

1.      Presenting author (oral/poster) to please note that they must register for the IAMGCON 2015, as per the prevailing fees at the time of registration.

2.      Poster will be in form of hard copy only. E-posters will not be entertained.

3.      Size: The standard poster size is 36” wide by 48” height. Posters will be clipped onto a foam core board and displayed on an easel. Clips/adhesive will be provided.

4.      Set Up/Take Down: Participants mount their own posters on 12th Dec, 2015 at 10:00 am and take them down at the end of 13th Dec, 2015 at 4:00 pm. Any poster not in place by 2:00 pm on 12th Dec, 2015 will not be accepted.

5.      Location: Poster presentations will take place in the designated area for all poster sessions



Format for Presenting Poster

Poster Presentation should be under the following headings:

1.      Title

2.      Introduction

3.      Aims and objectives

4.      Method

5.      Result: One most relevant Table/image/graph/illustration) is MUST

6.      Conclusion: Should be brief and relevant

7.      Reference- Only TWO most relevant references


For Case report

It should contain the following:

1.      Title

2.      Introduction: What is already known related to the case report and available evidence (literature)

3.      Case report: Brief summary of the presentation, investigation, preparation, management and outcome of the case (One most relevant image/graph/illustration to be added).

4.      Conclusion: Take home message in terms of any part of case being reported such as presentation, investigation, management and outcome

5.      Reference- Only TWO most relevant references