Do your nipples look healthy? Here’s what you need to know

Each individual’s body is unique, and consequently, the appearance of nipples varies among people. Despite societal pressures promoting a specific standard of beauty, the truth diverges significantly.

Dr. Tanaya, also known as Dr. Cuterus, emphasizes on Instagram that nobody understands your body better than you do. To address concerns about whether your nipples look ‘normal,’ she provides insight into nipple anatomy, offering guidance on when to be reassured and when a visit to the doctor is warranted.

Dr. Tanaya acknowledges the diverse variations in nipple appearance, such as flat or inverted nipples (pointing inwards rather than outwards). Contrary to pop culture’s portrayal of ‘normal’ nipples as protruding and conforming to a particular aesthetic, she asserts that all variations are entirely ‘normal.’ Importantly, she notes that these variations are considered normal as long as they have been consistent and haven’t undergone sudden changes.

However, Dr. Tanaya advises seeking medical attention if there is a sudden change in the appearance of your nipples in terms of shape, size, or color. Such changes could be a potentially “dangerous sign” and might indicate underlying issues, including the possibility of breast cancer.

She emphasizes the importance of regular health check-ups, highlighting that being aware of how your body looks and behaves can alleviate anxiety. This underlines the significance of self-awareness and proactive health management for individuals in understanding and embracing the diversity of their bodies.